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A compelling mix of presentations and discussions focused on market trends and emerging product categories, plus the latest market research on European channels for consumer technology products. Keep checking this page regularly for updates on topics and themes. 

Day 1 - Tuesday, 19th February

Consumer Tech Retail Trends Insight Session

15:10 - 16:00

presented by Bob Snyder, Editor in Chief, Channel Media Europe

Get inspired and get new ideas for your business for the year ahead as Bob Snyder takes a keen look at the latest retail and consumer tech trends from across the globe in this informative session. 

Gaming – A new pillar for growth?

16:10 - 17:00

Presented by Matthias Haefner, Market Consultant, GfK

In the last years, gaming has been developing massively from a single gaming experience to a complete own industry. By offering new and compelling forms of entertainment, this industry is awakening interest of many market players. But what’s in for vendors, distributors and retailers? Follow the gaming traces from niche to mainstream in GfK’s workshop. In this session you will learn about market dynamics, latest trends in the gaming landscape and effects on digital markets & supply chains. A must for every vendor, distributor & retailer.


Can a Startup be your Next Big Vendor?

17:10 - 18:00

Presented by Laurent Eymard, Co-Founder & CEO, Red Dolphin

An in-depth look at business opportunities for the future and where innovations come from. Traditional trade shows are making more floor space available for start-ups and crowdfunding platforms are now acting as live test markets to see if products have the potential to achieve big sales numbers. This workshop will cover success stories and current trends to illustrate the potential for channel partners to engage early with start-ups. Learn how to spot the next big thing and how to position your channel business to take full advantage.

M&A EMEA Channels: Drivers, Valuations & Trends

18:10 - 19:00

Presented by Pradip Somaia, Partner, Regent Partners LLC

Somaia will share with delegates a detailed insight into the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities of technology Industries covering numbers of transactions done, valuation trends and hot sectors. Somaia will also give an overview of valuation drivers and common M&A strategies. Vendors, distributors and channel partners looking to either sell or acquire business units will find this session invaluable.

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Day 2 - Wednesday, 20th February

How to grow a business by optimising distribution

09:40 - 10:30

Presented by Peter van den Berg, General Manager EMEA & APAC, GTDC

In this workshop we will highlight the dos and don'ts of working with distributors. A short introductory presentation will be followed by a discussion on best practices that have resulted in high profitable growth for manufacturers and distributors.

Audio Trends - Spotlight on Smart Speakers


Presented by Jack Wetherill, Principal Analyst, Futuresource Consulting

The worldwide home audio market realised an increase of 21% in units in 2018, whilst posting revenues of nearly US$15 billion, according to year-end estimates from a recent Futuresource Consulting report. Get up to speed on the latest market trends shaping the audio category in 2019 and beyond.


Channel Opportunities in Gaming


Presented by Stefan Lampinen, Managing Director, Game Advisor Ltd

 The games industry continue to grow and expand into new areas such as e-sport. Despite the digital trend on games there remain many growth opportunities for distributors and channel partners including headsets, keyboards, chairs, games, cables and more.  The PC segment also remains strong. Find out more about channel opportunities in gaming from one of the industry's most respected analysts.

Smart Home: The Opportunity for Consumer Channels

14:10 - 15:00

Presented by Kevin Meagher, Managing Director EAS Consulting & Advisor, Parks Associates

This session will explore the smart home opportunity for traditional consumer channels. It will look at how the IoT and connectivity will enable the deployment of new products and services that add value for the consumers before looking at how the various channels will need to adapt to exploit emerging opportunities.  To do this, the session discusses the size of the market, trends and developments in Europe and N America, key consumer drivers, new use cases, the role of voice control, and show how consumers want to interact with their devices.  In discussing the opportunity, the session will explore the role of the tech giants, Amazon, Google, Apple and how they could impact the market.

Distribution today & tomorrow – how E-tail is reinventing distribution markets

15:10 - 16:00

Presented by Tatjana Wismeth - Global Manager GfK Distribution Panel & Evelyn Peterswerth - Product Manager Distribution Panel

While online business nowadays belongs to an established channel at the POS, E-tailers are also increasingly entering into new areas of business putting pressure on supply chains and distribution. Is E-Tail becoming a threat for distribution? What impacts on B2B and B2C can be expected due to E-Tailing? Learn about recent developments of the online business and its effects on supply chains. Understand the heartbeat of distribution worldwide and explore the challenges and opportunities given by changing consumer behaviour and buying patterns. With a short journey around global distribution markets, this session is a must for every vendor, distributor & retailer/reseller.


Co-opetition - New Ecosystems & Channel Challenges

16:10 - 17:00

Presented by Michael White, General Manager, Quadmark

Collaborative channel ecosystems and approaches to business are required to succeed in the channel. This session explores how major companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google,, Microsoft and others are influencing global channel models. International e-commerce is driving direct-to-consumer sales and fulfilment models. The battle for consumer mindshare is increasingly linked to the mass adoption of smart home technologies and who controls the voice and search platform. This session will piece it all together, link it to channel economics and provide you with valuable knowledge and understanding to futureproof your channel business.


EHA: European Consumer Survey Results

17:40 - 18:30

Presented by Andrzej Bania, Co-Founder, Kitguru

What do Europe's consumers really think about new tech hitting the market? Hear the findings from the European Hardware Association’s (EHA) latest consumer survey covering nine countries. This session will look at consumer purchasing intentions for 2019 and focus on some of the vibrant new and emerging product categories driving consumer interest in tech products. EHA will also update delegates on its latest ‘Best Practice’ tips for product launches in Europe.

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Day 3 - Thursday, 22nd February

GfK Briefing & Breakfast: Tech Trends 2019 (INVITE ONLY)

8:00 - 9:00

hosted by Gernot Teufel, Global Director IT & Distribution, GfK

Insight session presented by Christian Riedl - Director Market Insights | Telecom | Central Europe, IT


How Managed Services and Cloud will Change Business

11:40 - 12:30

Presented by Tatjana Wismeth, Global Manager GfK Distribution Panel & Jonas Rosen, Consultant Market Insights, Client Solutions Central Europe, Retail Service, GfK 


With an increasing market concentration on the one hand and rising demands for digitalisation on the other hand, B2B channels are currently put under pressure. How may B2B channels resist and which business models are offering future growth? How are cloud services influencing the B2B business and what services will be most beneficial in future? GfK will show recent trends and developments in the B2B area with highlighting future growth potentials for the audience. Cloud, managed services as well as regional and local highlights will be discussed in this session.


14:10 - 17:00

Presented by Adam Simon, Global Managing Director, CONTEXT

Invite only VIP session will cover a range of topics including omnichannel strategies, the role of marketplaces, changing role of retailers, evolution of distribution business models, the challenge of recruiting and retaining the right skillsets, and technology opportunities such as smart home.

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18-21 February 2020 | Fairmont Hotel, Monaco