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Game Advisor Ltd

Stefan Lampinen, Managing Director, Game Advisor Ltd

Founder of Game Advisor Ltd, a UK company with speciality on customized advisory and business development. Stefan is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of Sweden’s globally successful gaming industry and has held leading positions at EA, Nokia, Microsoft and Warner Bros. He was also in the Advisory Board at Mojang/Minecraft and the co-founder of the Swedish Trade Association for games and Chairman of the Swedish Video Association 2013-2015. He received the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Nordic Games Industry in 2008.


Adam Simon, Global Managing Director, CONTEXT

Adam joined CONTEXT in February 2013 to develop the company's research coverage of ICT and technology, working with the industry to achieve new & measurable business outcomes. Recently he has pioneered research into the opportunities for retailers selling technology to small businesses ('R2B') and has formed a pan-European Smart Home Research Group including Smart Home Associations, retailers and manufacturers. He is leading research into Omnichannel best practices in EMEA and regularly brings together industry roundtables on this and other technology issues. Prior to joining CONTEXT, Adam spent his career in professional services, introducing operational best practices in large retailers. He has worked with many of the largest retailers in Europe at senior executive level.  

18-21 February 2020 | Fairmont Hotel, Monaco